Blockchain is wonderful technology. It, probably, will stay alive for a long time, so your cryptocoins.

First of all, I want to talk about what happens in blockchain.

Inside blockchain there is a big computer that holds all the code of cryptocoins. Your balance for that cryptocoin also lies in that code. No one can access and transfer your coins, except you. That means, when you die, your cryptocoins will be lost, forever…

Because of that, we created CryptoWill.

What is CryptoWill?

CryptoWill is a program that runs in blockchain. It allows you to add payees and shares for each payee and distributes…

There are so many articles about NFTs, but the problem is, everyone is writing the same thing. No one goes really in-depth on NFTs, no one writes how it works, and how to create one, etc.

What they write is something like this.

NFT is non-fungible token. It’s unique and can only one person owns it. It’s like trading card etc.

That doesn’t explain it very well. Instead, in this article, I want to explain it in-depth. I am going to start with a little bit of foundation and then explain how to create one.

The foundation is really important…

In my previous article, I explained what is a scraper and built a really basic scraper (actually not a scraper). In this article I am going to share little tips and tricks for scraping and we will continue on our “funny cat memes” scraper.

Are you a human?

In this series I am going to talk about my experiences in Web Scraping and I am going to try my best to explain what Web Scraping is and how to make a web scraper.

What is Web Scraping

Think about yourself. You are browsing the internet for hours (maybe not), maybe you save great inspiration pictures on Pinterest, or you search a question in StackOverflow and copy that piece of code to your code. Possibilities are endless but the key thing is, you are surfing the web and save useful information to somewhere.

If you are doing this, that means you are a…

Batın Evirgen

Studying Physics Engineering in Hacettepe University, Turkey. Programming since 7th grade.

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